eTrove Selected for the “Ready to Rocket” List

eTrove Selected for the “Ready to Rocket” List

Vancouver, BC, March 2, 2017 – Ready to Rocket is a unique business recognition list that profiles technology companies with the greatest potential for revenue growth. Each year, based on analysis of trends that will drive growth in the information technology sector, Rocket Builders identifies the top private companies that are best positioned to capitalize on the trends for growth. This selection methodology has been an accurate predictor of growth with “Ready to Rocket” companies exceeding the industry growth rate and “Emerging Rocket” companies most likely to gain investment.

eTrove effortlessly connects health professionals to their patients with a white-labelled mobile app they use to maximize retention, referrals and online reputation for their practices. eTrove is proud to be counted amongst the 2017 members of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) “Emerging Ready to Rocket” list.

“We identify companies that both information technology buyers and venture capitalists will value. Our analysis of market trends led to our selection of eTrove as an Emerging Rocket ICT company.” said Dave Thomas, Senior Partner, Rocket Builders.

“We’re excited to be recognized by this outstanding organization,” says eTrove CEO, Jeanette Jackson. “Our platform is unique because it combines all key elements of engagement – communications, referral management, social media and loyalty programs – into one solution, and our MVP is launched with existing clients showing a 500-2500% return on investment. Getting the word out with Ready to Rocket means we can help more businesses succeed.”

eTrove is on a rapid growth path that includes onboarding customers and channel partners, completing ongoing product enhancements, and adding great members to the team. The health market is changing, and eTrove makes modern marketing seamless for industries that never had to market before. Serving clients across Canada and the US displays the flexibility of the platform, and its potential is shown through rapid growth in leads and partners in an industry craving innovation in the mobile market.

About eTrove
eTrove is a highly integrated mobile application platform that nurtures relationships by encouraging engagement, loyalty and referrals through mobile devices. Our platform has a proven return on investment of 500 – 1000% for our onboarding businesses. For more information on eTrove’s products, partnership and investment opportunities, please connect with us direct at

About Ready to Rocket
Ready to Rocket is a unique business recognition list that profiles technology companies with the greatest potential for revenue growth. “Ready to Rocket” is a trademark of Rocket Builders, a respected management consulting firm servicing the technology industry.

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Gwynn Kirk
CMO, eTrove