Loyalty & Appreciation: Using Mobile to Bridge the Gap

Now more than ever it is important for both consumers and businesses to recognize the status of their relationship.

A recent study by Kitewheel, The State of the Customer Journey, found that 73 per cent of consumers feel that loyalty programs should be a way for brands to show their loyalty to the consumer. The same study found that 66 per cent of marketing executives believe that the same loyalty programs are a way for consumers to show their loyalty to a brand.

So, who should be loyal to whom?

“Businesses must revise their strategy and prove to consumers that loyalty goes both ways,” the report points out. There is currently an area of disconnect between consumers and businesses, with varying levels of expectation.

With the current combination of both digital and traditional platforms, brands are struggling to meet consumer expectation. This environment demands real-time convenience and immediate response, ultimately driving consumer loyalty and retention. Brands must “bridge the gap” between consumer data and experience.

This is where mobile marketing, a mostly untapped potential “bridge”, comes into play. According to the study, 76 per cent of consumers use mobile devices to compare prices and read reviews, but only half of businesses are taking advantage of these numbers by managing mobile apps or text messaging. By integrating timely responses brands can better facilitate the consumer experience.

The end result of all of this? The relationship needs to be a mutually beneficially, two-way street, showing appreciation both ways. Appreciation is, after all, the next step in loyalty. By making programs easy and personal for today’s connected consumers, brands can attract loyal and appreciative customers. “Loyalty is about the individual, not the segment.”


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