eTrove in The News

eTrove founder Jason Jones wrote an article that was recently published on DentistryIQ. ‘Making your dental practice’s marketing and patient loyalty efforts work together’ takes a look at how to link loyalty, retention, and referrals. Check out the full article here.

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eTrove in the News

Oral Health Office, the magazine that addresses the business and practice management issues facing Canadian dentists, featured eTrove’s launch in their March 2014 issue.


Vertical Motion, one of the leading development shops for enterprise applications in Canada, announces the release of eTrove, a solution for companies looking to get more out of their customer loyalty programs.

Read the full article in Oral Health Office (flip to page 6).

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eTrove in the News

The Dental Tribune, the world’s dental newspaper, has listed eTrove on their site!

eTrove – Mobile Based Loyalty Program Campaign Manager

eTrove empowers your patients and other dental professionals to stay connected to you through a smartphone application with social network integration, robust referral platforms, and consistent brand presence.

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eTrove in the News

Bryan Pearson, author of The Loyalty Leap, talked about eTrove in a blog that has been making its way around the internet.


Say the word “dentist” and people are more apt to get sweaty palms than to applaud. But with some loyalty initiatives, they may be able to fill in those worrisome gaps.

Recently I read how the company eTrove is launching a loyalty program for dental offices that rewards patients for ‘liking’ or posting on the office’s social media profile.”

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