Loyalty & Appreciation: Reaching the Connected Consumer

It is no secret that technology is reshaping the landscape of human interaction. In Kitewheel’s recent study, authors point out that brands must find ways to integrate both digital and traditional channels and touch points in order to reach today’s connected consumer.

According to Kitewheel, the majority of consumers expect an all-around seamless customer experience to be delivered by brands. Digital efforts should enhance outcomes across traditional channels, and vice versa. This seamlessness points to a brand’s ability to craft and provide positive consumer experiences, no matter what the platform.

The study shows that 54 percent of consumers expect that their experience will be seamless across digital and physical touch points, and their loyalty wavers when brands are unconnected.

“Brands are hamstrung by countless touch points, and different technologies, most of which were never designed to work together,” the study states, “They are challenged to find a way to easily connect all of these individually complex components.”

By striking a balance and creating a consistent experience from traditional to digital platforms, companies can capitalize on the opportunity to extend their reach. 43 percent of consumers in the study said they use multiple devices simultaneously while making a single purchase online – this is critical to note in reaching today’s connected consumer.

As mentioned in the study – loyalty is fickle. If consumers can’t find what they’re looking for quickly, they’ll move to another company. This reinforces the importance of providing a positive customer experience, no matter what the platform.