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Breaking Down the Customer Experience

With all of the different terminology out there, it can be hard to figure out what people really mean when they discuss the customer experience. “Loyalty” and “appreciation” sound close enough to be the same thing, right? Well, we’re here to break it all down and explain what these terms really mean. Because no, they’re […]

eTrove in the News

Recently eTrove was featured on Dentaltown, a site that provides dental professionals with the most innovative practice management news. We’ve discussed the virtues of cloud based dental software in this blog before. One of the newest companies in the dental market has found a different way to capitalize on this trend. Just launched last year, eTrove is a unique […]

Loyalty and Appreciation: Social Media and the Consumer Journey

Today’s connected consumers look to social media as a way to interact with and promote their favourite brands. According to Kitewheel’s study, nearly 60 per cent of consumers use social media to make comments about their brand experiences – but brands are struggling to integrate these social channels into consumer interactions. Consumer insights drawn from […]

Loyalty & Appreciation: Reaching the Connected Consumer

It is no secret that technology is reshaping the landscape of human interaction. In Kitewheel’s recent study, authors point out that brands must find ways to integrate both digital and traditional channels and touch points in order to reach today’s connected consumer. According to Kitewheel, the majority of consumers expect an all-around seamless customer experience […]

This Month in Customer Appreciation and Loyalty Marketing – November 2014

In our latest edition of our loyalty and appreciation series, we bring you some of November’s most talked-about stories: Less than a month away from the holidays! Five holiday retail customer loyalty lessons learned from back-to-school. (via Loyalty360) Five tips for creating the best digital loyalty program. (via Mobile Marketing Watch) Give thanks to your […]

Loyalty & Appreciation: Using Mobile to Bridge the Gap

Now more than ever it is important for both consumers and businesses to recognize the status of their relationship. A recent study by Kitewheel, The State of the Customer Journey, found that 73 per cent of consumers feel that loyalty programs should be a way for brands to show their loyalty to the consumer. The […]