eTrove Partnering with Equifaira to Connect Private Investors with Mobile-Space Opportunity

Vancouver, BC, August 15, 2018 – eTrove effortlessly connects health professionals to their patients with a white-labelled mobile app they use to maximize retention, referrals and online reputation for their practices. Today, eTrove is proud to announce they have been handpicked by Equifaira in 2018 for a mutually beneficial partnership.

Equifaira offers innovative ways for companies to access capital. Unlike the traditional VC approach, where firms raise a large chunk of capital to be spent over time, and then must return to raising to stay solvent, Equifaira helps deploy lean startup methods, which will allow eTrove to raise smaller smaller amounts of funds continuously and reliably, while keeping healthy cash reserves.

It’s hard to overstate the advantages. eTrove Director, Jeanette Jackson, explains. “This allows companies to sell minimal equity during the early stages when share values are at their lowest, and also allows small individual investors to get involved at the highly lucrative earliest stages, where traditionally only friends and family, angel investors and ‘Dragons’ buy in. Canada is unique in that private equity markets are highly regulated and accessible to small retail investors.”

Todd Buchanan, Equifaira Managing Partner, adds, “We are very pleased to be part of the eTrove team. Our approach to strategic planning, execution, investor relations and capital formation resonated very strongly with eTrove’s founders. They have done a tremendous job developing the company through the minimum viable product and proof of business concept stages. We are aligned to the philosophy of operating as a model corporation. Now poised for growth, it is good timing for us to roll up our sleeves and embed in key roles where we can add value.”

“We’re ready to take our proven app through the stages of scaling with the benefit of thoughtful investment,” Jackson continues. “Our platform is unique because it combines all key elements of engagement – communications, referral management, social media and loyalty programs – into one solution, and our MVP is launched with existing clients showing a 500-2500% return on investment. Getting the word out with Equifaira means we can help more businesses succeed.”

eTrove is on a rapid growth path that includes onboarding customers and channel partners, completing ongoing product enhancements, and adding great members to the team. The health market is changing, and eTrove makes modern marketing seamless for industries that never had to market before. Serving clients across Canada and the US displays the flexibility of the platform, and its potential is shown through rapid growth in leads and partners in an industry craving innovation in the mobile market.

About Equifaira
Equifaira is a team of Experts that work inside well-run, high growth, Founder-led businesses. We support Founders and their companies to raise capital on their own and responsibly deploy it to maximize their results for positive liquidity outcomes that are Fair to all stakeholders.

About eTrove
eTrove is a highly integrated mobile application platform that nurtures relationships by encouraging engagement, loyalty and referrals through mobile devices. Our platform has a proven return on investment of 500 – 1000% for our onboarding businesses.

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