Three Fantastic Ways To Separate Your Orthodontic Practice From The Rest

Orthodontics is big business.  The industry surpassed $11 billion in 2016.  With so many people seeing dentists, there is a heightened aware for the need of orthodontic services.   With such a big opportunity, this also means that the space has become more competitive.  What can you do as a practice to separate yourself from the rest?

The answer is simple.  Reward patients for being great patients.  Here are three grate campaigns that we have seen bring huge ROI to practice across North America:

No Missed Appointments

As you know, orthodontics is a process for the patient.  The worst thing is a that the patient misses there appointment delaying the process of their treatment. If you can find easy, smart ways to engage patents to meet all of their appointments, everyone is happy with the efficiency and the results.

Great Dental Care

It is always important to take care of your teeth, but even more important if you have braces.  If you can rewards your patients for good brushing and flossing habits PLUS avoiding foods that do not work well with braces, you can definitely attract more patients to choose you for their dental care.

Referral Program

The best way to drive new business is to have your existing patients recommend you.  Of course, if you offer a gift card or reward for each referral, you have the opportunity to exponentially grow your practice.  Knowing how much a new patent is worth to you and rewarding for that referral goes a long way.  Practices see HUGE ROI for referrals.

Getting started on all of these programs is easy with the right technology.  eTrove is a platform that gives you your own mobile app to engage patients and offer rewards for these programs and more.  Let us know if you are ready to get started.