Two Campaigns That Take Your Optometry Clinic To The Next Level

The world of optometry has drastically changed over the last several years. The times when patients came in for an eye exam and purchased new eye wear on the spot is gone (…or going quickly). Consumers now come in for checkups but leave to purchase their contacts or eye wear online.

How are you going to keep your patients engaged and buying directly from you? Here are a couple campaigns that help patients of all ages stay connected to their optometrist:

1) Rewards For Good Nutrition

We all know good nutrition is good for your eyes. Encouraging patients to eat healthy everyday and rewarding them with points and rewards for good behavior is a great way to offer discounts when buying products from you, and keep them proactive about their eye health.

2) Rewards For Low Screen Time

We all face the challenge of excessive screen time. What better way than to reward patients with points and rewards for not using their digital devices excessively. And if some families are using this platform to help keep everyone in the family in check, imagine the referrals you can get for everyone who needs tips and tricks to do the same in their household.

eTrove is a platform that helps you engage with patients all year round. With a practice branded mobile app, patients can be rewarded for good behavior in the comfort of their own home. To learn more, connect with us at