eTrove in the News

Each year the Alberta tech community gathers at AccelerateAB, the province’s premier event for entrepreneurs and startups. This year, eTrove was selected to attend the event’s prestigious Roundtable Sessions; an opportunity to connect with some of the community’s top mentors. eTrove was featured in this Techvibes article outlining the highlights of the two-day event.

Breaking Down the Customer Experience

With all of the different terminology out there, it can be hard to figure out what people really mean when they discuss the customer experience. “Loyalty” and “appreciation” sound close enough to be the same thing, right? Well, we’re here to break it all down and explain what these terms really mean. Because no, they’re not all the same. And when understood and applied correctly, you can go above and beyond to improve the customer experience provided by your company. Read more

This Month in Customer Appreciation and Loyalty Marketing – March 2015

What got people talking in March? We bring you the month’s most talked-about stories in the world of customer appreciation, loyalty marketing, and practice management. Read more