Loyalty and Appreciation: Social Media and the Consumer Journey

Today’s connected consumers look to social media as a way to interact with and promote their favourite brands. According to Kitewheel’s study, nearly 60 per cent of consumers use social media to make comments about their brand experiences – but brands are struggling to integrate these social channels into consumer interactions.

Consumer insights drawn from the study describe the backlash that is brewing by brands’ inability to keep up. A majority of consumers expect a response on social media within 24 hours of tweeting directly to a business, but 45 per cent of marketing executives say that it’s unlikely a brand can afford to respond to every customer’s social media opportunity. Oftentimes consumers feel the only way to get a quick response from a company is to complain on a social network, and this can result in consumers opting out, causing loyalty to waiver. “Brands need to listen proactively,” says Kitewheel.

Non-generic responses over social media are also important. “Consumers seek a unique brand experience,” says the study. A mixture of automation and human response is necessary to connect with highly connected and mobile consumers appropriately. 34 per cent of marketing executives are currently developing the ability to automatically detect and reply to consumers on social media.

If a company provides a positive experience, customers will share their excitement with their network over social media channels – driving traffic to your brand. By implementing that two-way communication seamlessly across all communications channels, consumers will feel connected and appreciated.

This Month in Customer Appreciation and Loyalty Marketing – December 2014

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