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DentistryIQ published an article in their Practice Management for Dentists section on eTrove.

“eTrove is a solution for companies that want to get more out of their customer loyalty programs. eTrove was developed by Vertical Motion, a leading development shop for enterprise applications in Canada. While traditional dental and orthodontic loyalty programs reward clients for booking appointments, giving referrals, or purchasing items, eTrove enables patients to gain extra points, which then go toward a prize determined by the practice, by engaging with a company’s social media profile, and this helps the practice grow its online presence.”

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eTrove, The First Two-Way Loyalty Program, Launched by Vertical Motion

Targeted at dental and orthodontic practices across Canada,
the system is launching with RiseAlign and Antosz Orthodontics

Calgary, Canada – Vertical Motion, one of the leading development shops for enterprise applications in Canada, announces the release of eTrove, a solution for companies looking to get more out of their customer loyalty programs.

“eTrove is turning a traditional industry on its head as the first two-way loyalty program available to organizations. This innovative new approach allows a company to gather valuable data and metrics on how their loyalty program is performing. Most companies with loyalty programs maintain them to fulfill an expected industry standard, but eTrove provides users with a return on their investment while increasing client engagement and loyalty,” commented Jason Jones, Vertical Motion President.

Traditional dental and orthodontic loyalty programs reward clients for booking appointments, giving referrals, or purchasing items. eTrove enables clients to gain extra points towards ‘that prize they are eyeing’ by engaging with a company’s social media profiles, which simultaneously helps the company grow their online presence. A powerful and simple to use back end administration dashboard displays the details of the company’s social media performance, with stats and feedback on participation levels that helps hone social media initiatives. This dashboard is web based, and accessible on any device from a tablet, to a smartphone, to a desktop computer.

In addition to tracking client interaction, eTrove’s back end system also allows administrators to set and monitor their auto-adjusted on hand inventory, amount of points awarded for specific actions, and points redemption values. With the eTrove system, administrators and front-desk staff have more control and less hassle than with traditional programs, as well as no hidden fulfillment fees.

For loyalty program participants, eTrove is easily managed on their smartphone, removing the need for clients to carry an additional card. Points are delivered automatically and prize redemption is as easy as scan, pick up, and go.

eTrove is a SaaS based solution. There is a one-time setup fee for the mobile app and a monthly subscription fee for the web portal. The mobile app and back end system can be customized to match a company’s brand, and to integrate with their current web and social media presence. Built using HTML5, eTrove’s mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices, with an option for quick porting to Windows and Blackberry devices.

“eTrove is an excellent mobile solution that we use to assist our customers, orthodontic and dental practices, with creating and nurturing a simple, more trackable and revenue positive customer loyalty program,” says Heather Shaw, Director of Creative and Innovation at Rise Align. “We love how the system’s simple web portal lets our customers reward their clients for talking about their business. It’s a powerful way to extend a brand’s reach and deepen their client brand engagement.”

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