Two Campaigns That Take Your Optometry Clinic To The Next Level

The world of optometry has drastically changed over the last several years. The times when patients came in for an eye exam and purchased new eye wear on the spot is gone (…or going quickly). Consumers now come in for checkups but leave to purchase their contacts or eye wear online.

How are you going to keep your patients engaged and buying directly from you? Here are a couple campaigns that help patients of all ages stay connected to their optometrist:

1) Rewards For Good Nutrition

We all know good nutrition is good for your eyes. Encouraging patients to eat healthy everyday and rewarding them with points and rewards for good behavior is a great way to offer discounts when buying products from you, and keep them proactive about their eye health.

2) Rewards For Low Screen Time

We all face the challenge of excessive screen time. What better way than to reward patients with points and rewards for not using their digital devices excessively. And if some families are using this platform to help keep everyone in the family in check, imagine the referrals you can get for everyone who needs tips and tricks to do the same in their household.

eTrove is a platform that helps you engage with patients all year round. With a practice branded mobile app, patients can be rewarded for good behavior in the comfort of their own home. To learn more, connect with us at

Three Campaigns Your Physio Practice Must Try

Whether it is soccer and football or cycling and fitness shows, staying active is definitely key for a happy, balanced life. And though people do get older (yes, it happens!), they often push harder, resulting in more aches, pains and injuries.

Over the last several years, we have seen a huge increase in the importance of physiotherapy for people from all walks of life. This approach to managing your aches and pains is effective and has lasting results. This has also resulted in more competition for the industry. Your practice needs to be modern, engaging and a step ahead of the rest.

Over the last two years, eTrove has been offering practice branded apps to physiotherapy practices in North America. What we have also seen is an evolution of fun campaigns that separate these practices from the rest. Here are three must have campaigns for your patients:

1) Home Exercise Campaign

It’s simple. We all know patients need to do their exercises at the practice AND at home. What better way than reminding patients to do their home exercise and rewarding points on a daily basis when they get them done. Hard work = proven results.

2) Complete Treatment Campaign

How many patients need at least a 10 visit treatment plan but only come for 4 visits? Many! As the expert, it is important to find innovative ways to encourage your patients to take care of their health. Rewarding them for completing all 10 visits in exchange for a reward (full body massage or other inhouse gift) is a very effective way to do this.

3) Refer a Friend Campaign

Your patients play on teams and have friends or family that need a great physiotherapist. Getting your happy clients to be your biggest fans on and off the field is a great way to keep them engaged and build your practice. Do you have a referral program? Maybe it’s time to give one a try.

eTrove is a dynamic platform. Engage and reward your patients like never before. Our team helps you the entire way!

Three Awesome Campaigns for Dental Practices

Over the last few years, technology has started to impact dental practices around the world. From new cleaning tools to cloud based practice management software, it is safe to say that the industry is evolving.

However, in addition to these great operational improvements, the opportunity to engage patients and grow practices is also improving. With the right technologies, practices can have more impact on a patients health than ever before.

Over the last two years, eTrove has been offering practice branded apps to practices around North America. What we have also seen is an evolution of fun, engaging campaigns that separate our dental practices from the rest. Here are three awesome campaigns we promote through the eTrove mobile app:

1) Good Brusher Campaign

Simply reward patients for brushing their teeth properly EVERY DAY. Each time they scan the QR code, they earn points. At the next visit, compare their number of brushes to their teeth health. It’s all about Preventive Health for your mouth.

2) Sugarfree Campaign

Building on the good brusher campaign, this fun campaign gives parents an edge to encourage their kids to eat healthy snacks. Challenge getting your kids and clients to eat health, reward them to.

3) Crazy Shirt Day

Everybody loves a great excuse to wear a crazy shirt. You pick the color, you pick the theme. Spread the word through emails and push notifications. Whoever shows up wearing a CRAZY shirt gets points… and maybe a cool prize.

eTrove is a dynamic platform for all health practices. Engage and reward your patients like never before. Create campaigns that suite your practice. Our team helps you the entire way!