Since the February launch of eTrove in the Dental and Orthodontics Industry, business owners are seeing strong returns. The customizable platform has had a 100% retention rate on patient phones. The time that patients spend in the app is equivalent to 12 employees working 40 hours a week marketing the practice. Additionally, just in the first quarter, a single eTrove client reported generating $54,000.00 in additional profit derived from referrals, a 535% return on investment.


Return On Appreciation


eTrove is where your clients are – on their smartphones. It’s seamless, useful, and integrated, consistently maintaining positive, two-way communication that increases satisfaction on both sides.


Your clients interact on their smart phones with social networks and earn points for the kind of actions they already make. They benefit from mentioning your services, reposting knowledge, retweeting tips, and referring others to your business.


Your clients feel appreciated when they can redeem their points for valuable gifts chosen from sought-after, nationally recognized brands.


You immediately grasp, via the high level dashboard what is making a difference for your staff and customers, and can adjust marketing accordingly.


“I understood right away how eTrove would be a great asset to our practice. Everyone has a phone, and it’s definitely the best way to communicate with our patients.”

Empowering The Team

Staff love the simple “scan and go” action for granting points to client smartphones along with the ability to handle redemptions and rewards right there at the desk. Everyone shares in the positivity and appreciation of the moment – no delays or disappointment. Administrators and front line staff can even distribute discretionary points to increase customer satisfaction and create moments of appreciation in difficult service situations.

From the robust administrative portal, you can easily adjust point values and redemption levels to ensure best value to the business and increased activity for your clients. Your team can make the necessary adjustments based on what they know will work for your business. The team will receive more honest feedback, testimonials, and referrals when clients feel recognized and appreciated with compensation in points.


“When we first got this technology I thought it would just be one more thing to add to my ‘to do’ list. But it has been so easy and the parents love it. It is fun to see how excited people get when we scan their points for them right on to their phone.”


Simplify the Experience

eTrove is a natural evolution in client appreciation, taking advantage of the omnipresence of smartphones and the boundless flexibility of hand-held applications. No more cards, tokens, or stamps: eTrove sits on your customer’s smartphone; it’s your customized app. Use the dynamic administrative portal to build customized appreciation promotions that make sense for you, your staff, your clients, and your business.

eTrove even simplifies your marketing budget, with modest set up costs and a low monthly subscription. No shipping and handling costs, no card replacement fees, no surprising additional costs.


“A set monthly fee with no unexpected of hidden costs. We are now in control of our marketing budget!”

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